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80 Grade Halos launched in January of 2014 under the name Maniac Ball. After a year and a half and tens of thousands of views, founders Scott Stedman, Tanner Shurtz, and Brent Maguire decided it was time for a bit of a rebranding. On July 20th, 2015 the website was relaunched under the name 80 Grade Halos. The name comes from the baseball scouting scale, where 80 is the best grade one can receive.


Scott Stedman

Founder and President

Scott is an 19-year-old freshman at UC Irvine, studying Political Science.  He graduated from Fullerton High School in 2014 with a 4.2 GPA. In his free time, Scott loves discussing politics, listening to bands such as Interpol, Green Day, Nirvana, Of Monsters and Men, etc., and hanging out with friends.  He began writing as a 15-year-old for AngelsWin.com focusing on prospects, and therein lies his expertise. In November of 2013, Scott contacted Maniac Ball Vice-President and Co-Founder Tanner Shurtz expressing interest in creating a sabermetrically inclined Angels website and the rest is history. With ManiacBall, Scott mainly focuses on administrative duties, but he also writes about prospects and occasionally chips in with an analysis piece.

Tanner Shurtz

Co Founder and Vice President

Tanner is a 19-year-old sophomore at Arizona State University, majoring in Sports and Media Studies. Tanner began baseball "writing" on the Halos Nation Facebook group many years ago as well as the MLB Trade Rumors forums (which have since been removed). After many attempts at starting a new blog and being unsuccessful, Tanner joined Angelswin.com writing a few articles before being contacted by President and Founder Scott Stedman to startup a sabermetrically-minded website. Tanner focuses on advanced statistical analysis, pitchers mechanics and Pitch F/x. Tanner also focuses on the scouting and prospect side of ManiacBall in conjunction with Scott, working on scouting reports for the Top 30 prospects in the organization as well as scouting reports for the First Year Player Draft. When anything newsworthy happens for the Angels, you'll be sure to hear about it in the ManiacBall podcast, Selective Aggression, which is run by Tanner and fellow maniac and lead advanced analysis writer, Robert Livingston.

Brent Maguire

Co-Founder/Director of Social Media

Brent is a 21 year old college student who is currently studying at Community College. In late 2013, Brent was approached by founder Scott Stedman about joining the soon to be new Angels fan site, Maniac Ball. He jumped at the opportunity. Brent is in charge of the series recaps and does many in depth player analyses of current Angels players. Brent is also in charge of the social media at Maniac Ball. He has also covered several minor league games at Inland Empire to give fans a glimpse of the future Angels. Brent is also an administrator with the Angels fan group Halo Hooligans, who works together with Maniac Ball from time to time. When he's not obsessing over baseball, Brent utilizes his Disneyland pass, watches other sports, cruises to several different beaches and listens to a wide variety of music, ranging from 70's bands like Led Zeppelin to current bands like Cage the Elephant. If you're looking to talk baseball with Brent, you can contact him through twitter at @bmags94.

Robert Livingston

Robert Livingston

Lead Sabermetric Analyst/Podcaster

Robert is a recent grad from Chapman University where he majored in Business Administration w/ an emphasis in Finance, along with minoring in Economics and Political Science. He focuses on the major league team and advanced statistics, as well as the Selective Aggression podcast. In his free time he enjoys craft beer and various types of films and music.

Sean Knorzer

Lead Angels Reporter/Prospect Reporter

Sean Knorzer is a 23-year-old graduate of the University of California, Riverside (Troy Percival's Alma mater). Residing in Huntington Beach, California, he's been an Angels fan since his brief Little League days. Over the years, he's collected hundreds of autographs from Angels players. He played baseball in high school all four years (outfielder/pitcher), and though he was admittedly not as talented, he was able to stay on the team with his David Eckstein-esque hard work. After graduating from college, he started picking up baseball writing as a hobby, since it was the offseason and fantasy baseball wasn't going on yet. After realizing it was immensely fun to do, he kept on writing whenever he could, and even created a personal baseball blog called Surf City Baseline. For the future, he wants to eventually get certified in sport psychology.


Joe Gilleland


Joseph is a twenty-four year-old graduate from the University of California Riverside with a degree in English. Since graduating, Joseph has moved to San Diego and works in Finance. Outside of work, Joseph spends most of his time reading and learning as much about baseball as possible. After writing for HarnesstheHalo.com, Joseph will be contributing with player profiles and contributing to other Maniac Ball features. He can be reached on twitter.

Mike Metcalfe

Medical/Athletic Training Correspondent

Originally from Inver Grove Heights, MN, Mike recently moved to Fullerton, CA to pursue his Master of Science degree in Kinesiology/Biomechanics from Cal State Fullerton. He has been a certified athletic trainer and certified strength & conditioning specialist since 2005. From 2005 - 2013, he was an athletic trainer for the LA Angels organization, spending his final 3 years there with AA - Arkansas. Current Angels regulars he has worked with in the Minor Leagues include Mike Trout, Garrett Richards, Kole Calhoun, Matt Shoemaker, Tyler Skaggs, Efren Navarro, Mike Morin, Cam Bedrosian, and CJ Cron. Mike hopes to bring a unique perspective to Maniac Ball, offering informative articles regarding specific baseball-related injuries, treatments and rehab, as well as delving into the science of baseball from a biomechanical aspect.


Nakai Green

Lead Photographer/Instagram Correspondent

Nakai is a 21 year old from Anaheim Hills, CA. She is medical assisting at Westwood College in Anaheim. Nakai is also a photographer who takes a wide variety of pictures including the beach, family gatherings and sporting events. She enjoys listening to all sorts of music, going to Disneyland, painting, and, of course, attending Angels games. Nakai has recently begun taking pictures at Angels games, shooting more than 5,000 photos in the 2013/2014 seasons. She will contribute her many pictures to the site, which will be used for articles and will provide pictures at the future Maniac Ball-Halo Hooligans events.

Sam Lissin

Lead Graphic Designer/Instagram Correspondent

Sam is a 19 year old sophomore at Cal State Fullerton.  He is planning to major in business- sports management with a minor in graphic design.  He began graphic design in December of 2013, and has been teaching himself along the way.

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