2015 Prospect List: 15-11

With the 2015 season on its way, we’re proud to present our Top 30 prospect list. Like last year, this list will contain scouting reports for 30 players plus 3 honorable mentions (with scouting reports of their own as well). One thing to remember with these scouting reports, is that they’re a snapshot of what we know and I can just about guarantee you that our minds will change with more information about these prospects. The publication timeline will look like this:

Jan. 21 – 30-26 + HM’s
Jan. 23 – 25-21
Jan. 25 – 20-16
Jan. 27 – 15-11
Jan. 29 – 10-6
Jan. 31 – 5-1

Well, let’s get right to it then.

Carlos Perez#15 C Carlos Perez

Age: 24
Height/Weight: 6’0” 210 lbs.
Draft Information: International signing in 2009 by Blue Jays
2014 Stats: 88 G, 8.5 BB%, 15.9 K%, .126 ISO, .295 BABIP, 84 wRC+ (Oklahoma City RedHawks (AAA))



What Happened In 2014: Perez continued to show his defensive prowess in 2014 as he threw out 32% of would be base stealers at AAA and showed off his good pitch framing and ability to work well with pitchers. On a more negative note, Perez really faltered offensively for the 2nd straight year as he posted a well below average 84 wRC+. After posting some above average offensive seasons in the lower minors, Perez has yet to figure out upper tier pitching in the minors.

How They Improved From 2013: Perez set a career high in homers as he slugged 6 home runs and posted a pretty solid .385 SLG%. As he begins to mature a bit more, he could see a little uptick in power production in the future.

What We Like: Perez has a high floor/low ceiling but there’s no doubt he has a future in the majors due to his very good defense. Perez has thrown out 33% of would be base stealers in the minors and continues to impress as a guy who works well with pitchers and frames pitches well. While the overall offensive package isn’t good, he isn’t going to be a complete waste of an at bat either. Perez can take a walk and shows a little bit of pop. His approach at the plate will really help him as a major leaguer.


Hit 30 35 Line drive approach, doesn’t swing and miss much
Power 30 35 Won’t hit for much power, 5-10 HR guy, doesn’t get loft in swing
Glove 50 55 Very good glove, blocks pitches, frames well
Arm 55 60 Cannon of an arm, easily his best tool, throws out tons of runners
Run 30 30 He’s a catcher. What did you expect?


What we Dislike: Perez doesn’t have a high ceiling. His bat may play well below average in his first few years in the majors. His swing doesn’t produce much loft and results in a lot of weak ground balls. A hitch in his swing leads to him getting fooled by a lot of pitches. Upper minors pitching has exposed his offensive game. If he doesn’t throw out lots of baserunners, his overall value takes a big hit.

Ceiling: Average Regular
Realistic Outcome: Backup Catcher
Floor: AAA Up and Down guy
ETA: 2015



Hunter Green#14 LHP Hunter Green

Age: 19
Height/Weight: 6’4″ 175
Draft Information: 2nd Round pick in 2013 Bonus: $942k
2014 Stats: DNP




What Happened In 2014: Green tried adding on weight however this lead to a back injury which set him aside for the entire 2014 season.

 How They Improved From 2013: Green probably got wiser, which is always a good thing.

What We Like: We don’t have a lot of recent data on Green, however from what we’ve seen, Green still looks to be a potential starter at the big league level, the repertoire is pretty good for a high school pitcher, however the mechanics definitely need to be worked on, currently looks like a reliever but there are some instances where Green’s posture and balance look more average, so it’s definitely encouraging.


Mechanics   P F Repertoire
Balance 40 FB 45 60 Sits low 90s and touches 95
Momentum 50 CV 40 60 Really nasty, a strikeout weapon
Torque 70 CH 30 45 Like most high school pitchers the change isn’t great but it actually shows pretty nice potential
Posture 30      
Release Distance 50        
Repetition 45        

What We Dislike: Limited exposure. Injuries aren’t fun, man.

Ceiling: #4
Realistic Outcome: #5
Floor: 7th/8th inning reliever
ETA: 2021



Victor Alcantara#13 RHP Victor Alcantara

Age: 21
Height/Weight: 6’2” 190 lbs.
Draft Information: Signed as Free Agent in 2012
2014 Stats: 27 G, 20GS, 125.1IP, 3.81 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 11 K%-BB%, 68.4 LOB%, 11 K%-BB% (Burlington Bees (A))



What Happened In 2014: Alcantara really started to come into his own as a player in 2014. In most statistical categories he had a bounce back year from his 2013 season that saw him struggle quite a bit. He threw a career high in innings while recording 117 strikeouts. He limited opponents to a fine .215 average against and did a much better job controlling his walks. While he didn’t necessarily jump to the top of most Angel prospect lists he did make some improvements in utilizing his off-speed pitches from 2013.

How They Improved From 2013: The 2013 season was a bit of a struggle for Alcantara. 2014 saw him settle down and start to mature with his pitches a bit. He managed to start using his slider and change a bit more. Hopefully this upward progression will continue into 2015.

What We Like: The heater. Alcantara’s fastball can be devastating on its best days and sits in the 94-96 MPH range.



Mechanics   P F Repertoire
Balance 35 FB 60 60 High velocity, will need to work on delivery to get the most of his fastball
Momentum 50 CV 45 50 Tight movement but can be inconsistent, same with fastball, needs to tune delivery to get most out of the pitch
Torque 45 CH 30 40 Rarely uses it, will throw the pitch away if he transitions to a full-time reliever
Posture 35      
Release Distance 50        
Repetition 40        
Overall C+        


What We Dislike: His control. He still has not managed to prove that he can consistently throw his pitches for strikes. Alcantara also needs to work on having a less erratic delivery that will result in improved control.

 Ceiling: #5 Starter
Realistic Outcome: 7th/8th Inning Reliever
Floor: 6th/7th Inning Reliever
ETA: 2017/2018
Video: http://m.mlb.com/video/v31565637



Bo Way#12 OF Bo Way

Age: 23
Height/Weight: 6’0″ 180 lbs.
Draft Information: 7th round in 2014 Bonus: $20k
2014 Stats: 61 G, 7.5 BB%, 10.4 K%, .163 ISO, .380 BABIP, 149 wRC+ (Orem Owlz (R)/Burlington Bees (A))


What Happened In 2014: Way was drafted out of Kennesaw State and he was quick on the scene. After dominating Orem with a .942 OPS in 32 games, he was one of the first drafted position players of the Angels to advance past the rookie leagues. He hit the ground running in Burlington as he hit around the same level of dominance.

How They Improved from 2013: 
Way was put up very similar numbers across the board for Kennesaw State in 2013 and 2014, except for a significant boost in his slashline (2013: .313/.366/.421, 2014: .353/.388/.465)

What We Like: 
While some of it may be attributed to him being a little older than the league he was in, it was very exciting to see his seamless transition to professional baseball. Like in college, Way continued to keep the strikeouts at bay (8.7 K% in two seasons at Kennesaw State, 10.4 K% overall last season).



Hit 45 60 He’s able to spray the ball to all field at consistently good rates so far
Power 30 30 He’ll get the occasional homer, but doubles are the extent of his power
Glove 50 55 Superb fielder whose glove has been praised by many
Arm 50 55 Has an arm that can be good at all three outfield spots
Run 50 55 Has good speed, which usually gets him 10-15 SB a year


What We Dislike: While he had .163 ISO last season, his .116 career ISO in college strongly indicates that there’s not much to expect with his power.

Ceiling: Above Average Regular
Realistic Outcome: Average Regular
Floor:  4th Outfielder
ETA: Mid-2017

Joe Gatto#11 RHP Joe Gatto

Age:  19
Height/Weight: 6’3″ 204 lbs.
Draft Information: 2nd Round pick in 2014 Bonus: $1.2MM
2014 Stats: 11 G, 7 GS, 27 IP, 5.33 ERA, 1.66 WHIP, 8.9 K%-BB%, .347 BABIP, 81.3 LOB% (AZL Angels (R)/Orem Owlz (R))



What Happened In 2014: Gatto got his feet wet in professional ball, pitching mainly for the AZL Angels (one start with the Orem Owlz). Gatto got beat up a bit with the Angels however that’s not too important, what’s important is how he looked as a pitcher and what we expect out of him in the future.

 How They Improved From 2013:1.2MM richer and in a professional baseball organization, not bad.

What We Like: Gatto has a nice strong frame that could still fill out a bit more in the next few years. His mechanics are not bad however there are some minor flaws, the good thing is that he’s young and the coaches should be able to iron out those kinks in his delivery. The repertoire is what you’d expect from a high school pitcher, a strong fastball and offspeed pitch but not indication of a change. Like mechanics, a changeup can be taught and worked with, so I’m not too worried about that.


Mechanics   P F Repertoire
Balance 50 FB 50 60 4 seamer sits low 90s and can touch 94
Momentum 45 CV 45 55 11-5 break, needs more consistency with delivery to get full potential of the pitch
Torque 45 CH 30 40 There is room for improvement
Posture 40      
Release Distance 50        
Repetition 40        

What We Dislike: One of the things I dislike (which can actually be a good thing) is that Gatto is from the Northeast, not a ton of baseball is played there so for a top high school arm there’s not a lot of mileage on it. With that, the mechanics aren’t the best and his pitches can get inconsistent however it’s a good thing since getting into a professional org will allow Gatto to make some good habits as a pitcher, as opposed to the coaches trying to break bad ones.

Ceiling: #3
Realistic Outcome: #4
Floor: 7th/8th Inning Reliever
ETA: 2021



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