2015 Prospect List: 20-16

With the 2015 season on its way, we’re proud to present our Top 30 prospect list. Like last year, this list will contain scouting reports for 30 players plus 3 honorable mentions (with scouting reports of their own as well). One thing to remember with these scouting reports, is that they’re a snapshot of what we know and I can just about guarantee you that our minds will change with more information about these prospects. The publication timeline will look like this:

Jan. 21 – 30-26 + HM’s
Jan. 23 – 25-21
Jan. 25 – 20-16
Jan. 27 – 15-11
Jan. 29 – 10-6
Jan. 31 – 5-1

Well, let’s get right to it then.

Daniel Hurtado#20 RHP Daniel Hurtado

Age: 22
Height/Weight: 6’3” 180 lbs.
Draft Information: Signed as a free agent in 2008
2014 Stats: 18 G, 12GS, 67.2IP, 2.93 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 61.5 K%-BB%, .250 BABIP, 78.8 LOB% (Burlington Bees (A)/Inland Empire 66ers (A+))



What Happened In 2014: Hurtado seemed to be progressing along in 2014, and on the surface his 2.93 ERA shows some improvement in his career numbers. A closer look at his some peripheral stats tell a different story. His 4.22 FIP and .329 BABIP with Inland Empire show that he might have benefitted from his the defense around him. Hurtado has some potential to contribute at the big league level, but will need to settle down if he wants to start making the jump into the upper minors.


How They Improved From 2013: Hurtado did show improvement in the strikeout department. His K/9 jumped to 9 in 2014 and his K%-BB% also saw some improvement.


What We Like: Hurtado has shown a lot of promise, and might contribute to the bullpen in the next couple of seasons. He is also being stretched as a starter too, and might contribute as a long reliever.



Mechanics   P F Repertoire
Balance 50 FB 45 55 Will not light up the gun but it has solid movement
Momentum 35 CV 40 50 Nice depth but can get inconsistent
Torque 45 CH 30 40 Rarely uses it and needs work, has a chance to be a get-me-over pitch
Posture 40      
Release Distance 50        
Repetition 60        
Overall C        

What We Dislike: Will need to work on his control. He still has a long way to go before becoming elite status within the Angel system.

Ceiling: 5th Starter
Realistic Outcome: 7th/8th Inning Reliever
Floor: 6th/7th Inning Reliever
ETA: Late 2016/2017



Miguel Hermosillo#19 OF Miguel Hermosillo

Age: 20
Height/Weight: 5’9″ 190 lbs.
Draft Information: 28th Round pick in 2013
2014 Stats: 54 G, 13.4 BB%, 22.2 K%, .150 ISO, .313 BABIP, 99 wRC+ (Orem Owlz (R))



What Happened In 2014: Hermosillo moved up from the AZL Angels to the Orem Owlz and put up a pretty solid line. The plate discipline is very encouraging for a young prospect like Herm.

How They  Improved From 2013: After getting drafted, Herm only played in a handful of games in Arizona but got to play in a lot more in Orem.  Played all over the outfield  in AZ but played the majority of his games in centerfield for Orem.

What We Like: Hermosillo is a pretty raw outfielder with some solid speed and nice potential. The plate discipline and defensive tools are all very exciting, giving Herm a solid floor with potential for more.


Hit 30 45 Good mechanics but still very raw, lots of potential in the swing though
Power 20 35 Not much power currently, but there’s a chance he fills out a bit and gains some more strength
Glove 40 55 Has nice range in centerfield, can easily play any outfield position
Arm 50 55 Strong arm for a centerfielder, plays anywhere in the outfield
Run 55 60 Also a very fast runner, could steal 20-30 in a full season


What We Dislike: Hermosillo is still very raw and pretty far away from the upper minors, but he shows a lot of potential to contribute to the Angels.

Ceiling: 4th Outfielder
Realistic Outcome: 5th Outfielder
Floor: AAA Up and Down Guy
ETA: 2020




#18 Zach Houchins3B Zach Houchins

Age: 22
Height/Weight: 6’3″ 185 lbs.
Draft Information:  13th Round pick in 2014
2014 Stats:  64 G, 7 BB%,  15.7 K%,  .146 ISO, .330 BABIP,  110 wRC+ (Orem Owlz (R)/Burlington Bees (A))



What Happened In 2014: Houchins had a fine season at ECU and pretty much had the same production in Orem. Some homers, good amount of doubles, some steals, and good plate discipline. Drafted out of the 13th round,  Houchins played in 36 games in Orem before being promoted to Burlington, where he didn’t produce as well. Not a bad start to his pro career.

How They Improved From 2013: Houchins has been pretty consistent for his last two years at ECU, the only thing I’d say Houchins improved upon was his defense at the hot corner.

What We Like: Houchins can hit with the best of them, solid contact , good plate discipline, does a good job fielding and has the ability to field at multiple positions.


Hit 30 45 Doubles hitter, knows the strike zone, not consistent with stance.
Power 30 40 Hit some homers with ECU and Orem, no show in Burlington, shows signs of nice pull-power.
Glove 45 50 Good reports on the glove, should stick at 3B but could play SS and 2B
Arm 45 50 Also good reports on the arm as well, strong arm but needs more consistency
Run 40 45 Ability to steal some bases, not a burner, does well enough to not be a burden


What we Dislike: Inconsistent stance at the plate, mechanics have rapidly changed from junior year at ECU to Orem. Quality of play at college, challenged in Burlington. Minimal power for a 3B, will show holes in swing at times. Swing can become one-dimensional, only using left side of the field.

Ceiling: Below-Average regular
Realistic Outcome: Bench option
Floor: AAA up and down guy
ETA: 2019


#Kody Eaves17 2B Kody Eaves

Age: 21
Height/Weight: 6’0″/175 lbs.
Draft Information: 16th Round pick in 2012 Bonus: $100k
2014 Stats: 130 G, 4.9 BB%, 24.2 K%, .148 ISO, .342 BABIP, 104 wRC+ (Burlington Bees (A))




What Happened In 2014: In his first professional season playing above the rookie leagues, Eaves showed his power potential while continuing to show his solid speed. His strikeout rate (24.2 K%) wasn’t pretty at all, but he was able to have a solid year nevertheless.

How They Improved From 2013: Eaves made more solid contact (.319 BABIP in 2013; .342 BABIP in 2014), which was one of the contributing factors to his surge of power (.110 ISO in 2013; .148 ISO in 2014)

 What We Like: Has great speed and has shown improvements and positive adjustments with his bat, his power, and fielding at second base



Hit 40 45 Good, quick hands; able to spray the ball, but slightly favors pull
Power 30 35 Had nice power surge in 2014; has good doubles power with potential
Glove 45 50 Former SS has adjusted well to 2B and has shown great potential
Arm 50 50 Played 3B, SS, and pitched in high school, so he has a solid arm
Run 55 55 Great speed, but is still needs to gain more confidence on the basepath


What We Dislike: His strikeout and walk rates are pretty atrocious. He also saw his stolen base percentage drop (78.6% in 2013 to 71.4% in 2014).

Ceiling: Below-Average Regular
Realistic Outcome: Bench Option
Floor: AAA Up and Down Guy
ETA: Late-2017/2018


Jett Bandy#16 C Jett Bandy

Age: 24
Height/Weight: 6’4″ 235 lbs.
Draft Information:  31st Round in 2011
2014 Stats:  93 G, 9.1 BB%, 17.4 K%, .163 ISO, .273 BABIP, 121 wRC+ (Arkansas Travelers (AA))



What Happened In 2014: In his second year in pitcher-friendly Arkansas, Bandy had an impressive year. Though his .250 batting average is much to get excited about, his .348 OBP and .163 ISO are things of beauty. He also continued to display his superb defense as he had a .996 fielding percentage behind the plate while throwing out an astounding 40 percent of basestealers.

How they Improved from 2013: 
Bandy struggled greatly with his first season in Double-A in 2013 (.241/.303/.376 in 272 PAs), but he turned it around in an outstanding way in 2014 (.250/.348/.413 in 363 PAs). While his strikeout rate increased (14.3K% in 2013 to 17.4K% in 2014), his walk rate also increased (5.1 BB% in 2013 to 9.1 BB% in 2014).

What We Like: While his offense is still yet to be proven on a consistent basis, his defense has done more than enough to prove its supreme status. He handles himself quite well behind the plate, and his cannon is one of his greatest assets.


Hit 40 45 He’s able to spray the ball pretty well, but has been inconsistent
Power 40 50 Showed excellent power in a pitcher’s league, power is real
Glove 50 60 A good receiver but needs to work on framing more
Arm 60 60 Has an absolute cannon, good accuracy on throws as well
Run 30 30 Can’t expect much out of a 6’4″, 235 lbs catcher


What We Dislike: His inconsistencies on the offensive side can be a bit frustrating with how great he is on the defensive side.

Ceiling: Average Regular
Realistic Outcome: Platoon catcher
Floor: Backup catcher
ETA: 2015


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