2015 Prospect List: 25-21

With the 2015 season on its way, we’re proud to present our Top 30 prospect list. Like last year, this list will contain scouting reports for 30 players plus 3 honorable mentions (with scouting reports of their own as well). One thing to remember with these scouting reports, is that they’re a snapshot of what we know and I can just about guarantee you that our minds will change with more information about these prospects. The publication timeline will look like this:

Jan. 21 – 30-26 + HM’s
Jan. 23 – 25-21
Jan. 25 – 20-16
Jan. 27 – 15-11
Jan. 29 – 10-6
Jan. 31 – 5-1

Well, let’s get right to it then.

Trevor Gott #25 RHP Trevor Gott

Age: 22
Height/Weight: 6’0″ 190 lbs.
Draft Information: 6th round pick in 2013 by the Padres Bonus: $200k
2014 Stats: 52 G, 60.2 IP, 2.97 ERA, 1.24 WHIP,  12.8 K%-BB%, .290 BABIP, 70.8 LOB% (Lake Elsinore Storm (A+)/San Antonio Missions (AA)/Arkansas Travelers (AA)): 



What Happened In 2014: In his second professional season since being drafted out of college, Gott impressed and proved himself at a high level. He stumbled a bit when he first was up in Double-A in the Padres organization (4.63 ERA, 1.71 WHIP, 11:9 K/BB in 11.2 IP, 8.5 H/9), but when he came over to the Angels organization, he hit the ground running and was dominant (1.53 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, 18:7 K/BB in 17.2 IP, 5.6 H/9).

How They Improved From 2013
: While 2013 and 2014 were very similar numbers-wise, Gott showed that he can perform at higher levels (as he only played in Low-A in 2013) and continue his fast-track to the Majors.

What We Like: 
Like what R.J. Alvarez was drafted for, Gott was drafted as a solid late-innings reliever that could fast-track it to the Majors.


Mechanics   P F Repertoire
Balance 50 FB 65 65 Solid velocity, movement, and command
Momentum 45 CV 55 60 11-5 trajectory with great break; excellently complements fastball
Torque 45  
Posture 45      
Release Distance 45        
Repetition 50        
Overall C        

What We Dislike: His walk rate is walking the line of decency
Ceiling: 7th/8th Inning Reliever
Realistic Outcome: 6th/7th Inning Reliever
Floor: ROOGY
ETA: 2015



#24 LHJonah WeselyP Jonah Wesely

Age: 20
Height/Weight: 6’2″ 205 lbs.
Draft Information: 11th Round pick in 2013 Bonus: $210k
2014 Stats: 16 G, 2 GS, 35.1 IP, 4.08 ERA, 1.33 WHIP, 13 K%-BB%, .283 BABIP, 67.7 LOB% (Orem Owlz (R))



What Happened In 2014: Wesely started his career in professional baseball with an exceptional season at Orem, mainly pitching out of the bullpen, however was tied for 7th on the team in innings pitched.

How They Improved From 2013: Wesely was actually able to throw more than just an inning which must’ve been pretty fun.

What We Like: Though there’s not much projection left in that body, boy is it a strong one. He sat, out of the draft, around the mid 90s but while in rookie ball that velocity dipped down a bit, which is to be expected, but it hovered around the low 90s while occasionally touching 95. Wesely is an absolute bulldog on the mound, you can tell by stuff, demeanor, and the huge burst of momentum he gets on each pitch. I fully expect Wesely to get some time as a starter next year
which should be fun to watch.

Mechanics   P F Repertoire
Balance 45 FB 50 60 Low 90s, high 80s can touch 95 with tail
Momentum 65 SL 40 60 A strikeout pitch, good lateral movement, that at times, can sharply dart down
Torque 30 CH 30 45 A work in progress as a pitch, has gotten better since high school
Posture 50      
Release Distance 50        
Repetition 40        

What We Dislike: Wesely has the body, potential repertoire, and work ethic to become a starting pitcher in the MLB. However, his delivery and mechanics will not allow him to throw 200 innings in a season.  The mechanics and delivery can be worked on, through coaching, however at this current state I don’t believe Wesely can be a starting pitcher.

Ceiling: 7th/8th Inning Reliever
Realistic Outcome: 6th/7th Inning Reliever
Floor: LOOGY
ETA:  2021



#23 OF NataNatanael Delgadonael Delgado

Age: 19
Height/Weight: 6’1” 170 lbs.
Draft Information:  International signing in 2012  Bonus: $280k
2014 Stats:  38 G, 3.1 BB%, 21 K%, .163 ISO, .368 BABIP, 102 wRC+ (Orem Owlz (R))




What Happened In 2014: Delgado played in 38 games and continued to flash his toolsy skillset but still showed that he needs to iron out many things. His free swinging ways led to lots of strikeouts, very few walks, lots of extra base hits and a good batting average that was heavily BABIP inflated. In rookie ball, he’s been able to show some decent offensive abilities as a teenager but he’ll need to improve his approach as he continues to climb the system.

How They Improved from 2013: Delgado tapped into his power a little bit more as he posted a .163 ISO, compared to his .151 ISO in 2013. His batting average also jumped from .271 in 2013 to .303 in 2014.

What We Like: Delgado flashes plus power, although it’s been most doubles and triples rather than home runs so far. He has a very powerful swing and could be a 20-25 home run threat once his body fills out. Delgado barrels up pitches when he’s able to make contact. His defense is serviceable in the corner outfield spots and he features an above average arm. Delgado is super young and super raw so there’s some pretty high upside here if his approach gets better.


Hit 35 40 Pull hitter, makes strong contact and drives the ball with force
Power 40 50 Lots of doubles and triples so far, 20-25HR potential, potential to be a plus tool
Glove 35 40 Doesn’t possess great instincts, decent 1st step and lateral quickness, won’t kill you out there
Arm 45 50 Good arm, could be a reason he sticks in the outfield
Run 35 40 Not very quick even with his small stature


What We Dislike:  Extremely aggressive approach at the plate. Delgado has a very jumpy swing and exposes himself to good offspeed stuff. His hit tool may never develop and ruin most of his value. He isn’t very quick and his speed grades as below average right now. Outside of his good throwing arm, his defense ranks around average/below average right now. If the power doesn’t come like we hope, Delgado won’t reach the majors.

Ceiling: Above Average Regular
Realistic Outcome:  5th OF/Bench Bat
Floor: AAA Up and Down Guy
ETA: 2018



#22 SS EriEric Stametsc Stamets

Age: 23
Height/Weight: 6’0″/185 lbs.
Draft Information: 6th round pick in 2012 Bonus: $169,900
2014 Stats: 106 G, 6.3 BB%, 16.2 K%, .078 ISO, .275 BABIP, 75 wRC+ (Arkansas Travelers AA))




What Happened In 2014: Stamets struggled greatly and dealt with injuries in his first year in Double-A. One contributing factor of his struggles was the rise in his strikeout rate (11.6 K% in 2013; 16.2 K% in 2014). Overall, he made poor contact as he grounded out 20.9 percent of the time, flew out 19.1 percent, and popped out 11.8 percent while lining out only 3.7 percent of the time (14 LO in 382 PAs). He did continue to be a very solid defender at shortstop.

How They Improved From 2013: 
Besides his walk rate going up slightly (6.0 BB% in 2013; 6.3 BB% in 2014) and his excellent defense, Stamets dropped off across the board.

What We Like: 
Despite his struggles at the plate, he continued to display supreme defense at shortstop (.976 Fld% in 106 G) and his speed (5.7 Spd rating, where 5.5 is above average and 6.0 is great).


Hit 35 40 Hitting dropped off dramatically, but has shown a decent bat in the past
Power 20 20 Very limited power
Glove 60 65 Likely the best fielding shortstop in the organization
Arm 60 60 Very strong arm
Run 60 60 One of the fastest in the organization


What We Dislike: His bat needs to see major improvement. Needs to work on his swing along with his plate discipline.

Ceiling: Below-Average Regular
Realistic Outcome: Defensive Specialist at SS
Floor: AAA Up and Down Guy
ETA: 2016



#21 Danny ReynoldsRHP Danny Reynolds

Age: 23
Height/Weight: 6’0″ 170 lbs.
Draft Information: 6th Round pick in 2009 Bonus: $125k
2014 Stats: 42 G, 62 IP, 2.90 ERA, 1.24 WHIP,  15.4 K%-BB%, .314 BABIP, 74.1 LOB% ((Inland Empire 66ers (A+)/Arkansas Travelers(AA)/Salt Lake Bees(AAA))



What Happened In 2014: Reynolds took major strides towards the Majors in his return to the bullpen (spent 2012 and 2013 as a starter). He displayed consistency in the bullpen and proved to be a very reliable reliever. He proved himself well enough to warrant the Angels protecting him from the Rule V Draft.

How They Improved From 2013
: Reynolds had a dismal 2013 (26 GS, 11-10, 5.39 ERA, 1.43 WHIP, 114:64 K/BB in 145.1 IP), which turned out to be his last as a starter, at least for the time being. While he started back in High-A at the beginning of 2014, he quickly earned a promotion with his dominance out of the bullpen.


What We Like: Reynolds has shown to be a reliable reliever with nice velocity. He right on the edge of being Major League ready.


Mechanics   P F Repertoire
Balance 50 FB 65 65 Great velocity, good command
Momentum 40 SL/CT 45 50 Fringy, get-me-over pitch, lacks ability to be a strikeout pitch
Torque 45  
Posture 55      
Repetition 50        
Overall B-        

What We Dislike: 
He has shown struggles in the past with giving up a lot of hits.

Ceiling: 7th/8th Inning Reliever
Realistic Outcome: 6th/7th Inning Reliever
Floor: 6th Inning Reliever/AAA Up and Down Guy
ETA: 2015
Video: N/A


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