Interview with Hector Santiago

Hector Santiago, new Angels pitcher and the projected #3 starter, took some time to answer some questions about himself. As many of you know, Hector is one of the most friendly players in baseball and many of you have probably talked with him on Twitter. Hector was acquired along with Tyler Skaggs in the Mark Trumbo trade last December. Last month, I wrote about Hector here and how he may be an underrated part of this team.

Here is our interview with Hector Santiago!

Photo by Nakai Green

Photo by Nakai Green

Maniac Ball: What has your transition to the Angels been like so far?

Hector Santiago: “It’s been really fun. At first, I was still in shock but my teammates are all great.”

MB: You were mainly a reliever coming up through the minors. What has it been like to be converted in a starter? What are the main challenges you face in this transition?

HS: “Yes, I was a reliever but by heart I was always a starter so it wasn’t hard transition for me.”

MB: What is the biggest thing you are working on to maintain your success in 2014?

HS: “I’ve been working on throwing strikes and getting ahead in counts.”

MB: What is your favorite moment in your professional career thus far?

HS: “The moment I got to call my pops and tell him I was going to the big leagues.”

MB: For those who might not know, describe the sort of charities that you are involved with.

HS: “I help out with a lot of inner city baseball charities.”

MB: What is your favorite aspect about contributing to said charities?

HS: “Just watching the kids enjoy the gear and me just being there with them!”

MB: Who was your team growing up as a kid?

HS: “I was a Mets fan growing up as a kid.”

MB: Who was your favorite player growing up?

HS: “My favorite player is a hard one to choose. I watched Andy Pettitte, John Franco, and Doc Gooden. All those guys were fun to watch”

MB: What is your favorite pitch you throw?

HS: “Fastball”

*Big thanks to Hector for taking the time to interview with us. We’re really pulling for him this year just like many Angels fans. 

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