Halo Homefront: An Interview with Terri Fish (Michael’s Mom)

Angels’ outfield prospect Michael Fish is perhaps best known for his last name, as the team continues the trend of adding players with fishy names into the organization.  More impressive, though, was his tremendous performance last year on the field between the Arizona League Angels and the Orem Owlz.  He was one of the top hitters in the system and forced his way into the discussion of the Angels’ prospects.

Next in our series of interviews is Terri Fish.  She provided us with excellent answers very candidly and honestly.  Once again we’d like to thank Terri for taking the time to do this.  Mom’s rule!



Maniac Ball: As a family member, what is it like watching Michael develop and grow as a professional baseball player and as a person?


Terri Fish: “Watching Michael develop and grow as a professional baseball player and as a person has been so rewarding for his dad & I.  As a parent, you want your kids to be safe, healthy, conscious of others and for nothing to stop them from being who they were made to be and you try your best, to help nurture that. But honestly, there’s nothing more rewarding than watching your kids embrace what is God-given, that you as parents had absolutely nothing to do with. Michael’s dad & I love getting to watch Mike (that’s what we call him), meet every new opportunity and challenge with humility and a confidence like never before. When he has an at bat that he’s not satisfied with, he’s learned to shake it off and won’t allow it to become a distraction. That is a definite growth I’m enjoying! He meets every door that opens for him with big expectation and positivity, learning to handle himself professionally and understanding that who he is, is a reflection on the ones he represents. We are so proud of the man he is becoming!”


MB: Describe draft day.  Michael was taken in the 32nd round in 2013.  Were you expecting him to be drafted and did you know the Angels were interested?


TF: “Draft day…. I have to be honest, it was really, really stressful!

I was the one glued to the computer on the second day. My husband kept busy around the yard & Mike listened from his college apartment. He never wants to make a big, emotional thing out of anything, so he listened from afar…..from mom.

I did expect a draft, but as the day went on, I’ll admit I was getting nervous, as a matter of fact, just writing this is bringing me back and I just experienced a wave of nausea.

We did know there was Angel interest, but didn’t expect he would be drafted by them, because the interest from other teams was much more obvious. With that said & no offense to the NY Yankees, since we are from Upstate NY….Mike had mentioned how nice it would be to be in California and,of course, there were jokes already being made about the last names of Trout & Fish.”


MB: Do you have a favorite memory of Michael’s playing career?


TF: “I have many favorite memories, here are just a few…


– May of 2012, Mike was named, “MAAC Baseball Player of the Year”. Mike had fought back from a couple of baseball injuries at Siena College, sophomore & junior year seasons. He worked really hard, didn’t focus on what opportunity he may have lost out on and came back better than ever. I saw it as a reward for his hard work and for not allowing it to distract him from his goal.


– Mike getting drafted….a given.


– August 8th of last year, we were listening to Mike’s team’s game in Tempe, when we noticed he was no longer in the game. Turns out he was taken out of the game to go pack for his trip early the next morning to join the Orem, UT team. He arrived in Orem and was brought to the field where he went 2-4,  1 HR , 1 2B  & 4 RBI.  That was definitely a favorite, we were so happy for Mike.”


MB: Can you share something about Michael off the field that the fans might be interested in knowing?


TF: “Something that people may not know about Mike, is that he’s a musician. He plays guitar & a little piano. He can listen to a song and play it. He writes, does his own mixing & sings. He’s actually won a couple competitions. Mike is also a good friend, who keeps in touch with players and wonderful host families from years of traveling for baseball.”


MB: What are you most looking forward to as Michael continues his climb to the big leagues?


TF: “What I look most forward to as Mike makes his climb, is just watching how it all unfolds, watching my son’s dream come true and getting to sit at the ball field some more to watch my son play.”


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